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MC-2500 Laser Cutting Machine
MC-2500 Laser Cutting Machine
  • MC-2500 Laser Cutting Machine
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  • Model:MC-2500 Laser Cutting Machine
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  • Model:MC-2500 Laser Cutting Machine

    Power Supply:AC220V / 50HZ / 2PH

    Working Size:1250mm*2500mm

    Z-axis Clearance

    Z-axis traveese:

    Maximum processing speed:20m/min

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MC-2500 laser cutting machine

Performance advantages: thick sheet metal structure, aluminum profile precision milling guide surface, servo drive, screw drive, high-precision and high-quality cutting

Material applications: acrylic, various plastic materials, electronic insulation materials, wood boards and other non-metallic boards

Industry applications: Acrylic products, architectural decoration, craft gifts, electronic films, fabrics and leather materials, etc.

MC-2500 laser cutting machine

Model: MC2500
Power supply: AC220V / 50HZ / 2PH
Working size: 1250mm * 2500mm
Max processing speed: 20m/min
Repeatability: + /-0.05mm/300mm
Laser tube: Optional glass tube 100W, 150W, 180W, 200W, 300W or RF laser
Driving mode: X, Y, Z axis adopt high-precision ball screw drive.


Laser performance:
1. Metal-encapsulated beam combining laser, stable for long-term work without deformation, stable performance, and long overall sealing life;
2. Installing a new beam combining device, with good beam quality, better spot, and faster cutting speed;
3. Laser Endoscopes all use the products of the US 26 company, the highest standard in the industry, and the average life span is more than 2 years, which is more than twice that of other products;
4. Standardized interfaces of the products can be interchanged arbitrarily.



Light path system:

All have patented optical path combining technology, which is configured in the optical path system, constant optical path and lens cooling system


Water cooling system: Teyu or Tongfei


Control system: Ruida CO² laser control system, stable performance and simple operation


Transmission system: Taiwan TBI guide rail and screw


Drive system: Japan Mitsubishi servo drive and motor


Cutting sample:


Customer Testimonials:





Laser power


Glass tube, RF laser can be used




Working area


 High-precision machining center processing

Idle speed



X/Y axis positioning accuracy



X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy



Power supply

220V 10A


Acrylic maximum cutting thickness


Perfect cut

Cutting head

Long focus and short focus fast switching precision cutting head

Independent research and development

Flying light path

Flying light path design

Equipped with constant light path and cooling system

Mechanical transmission system

X/Y axis adopts ball screw

Taiwan imports

X/Y/Z adopts TBI guide rail

Taiwan imports

Dedicated cooling system

Temperature control accuracy up to ±0.5℃, multiple alarm protection functions


Special domain or co-fly

Sport control

Ruida CO² Laser Control Card

Optional CCD edge patrol system

Server Driver


Mitsubishi Japan

Main contactor


South Korea

Main solenoid valve



Origin switch


Japan Matsushi

Machine wiring

Highly flexible towline cable

Shanghai Yichu




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