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Laser cutting clothes hangers, embracing a better home life

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【Case summary】Entering the dog days, the scorching heat is coming, and the typhoon season is here again.   A dark cloud, a thunderstorm,

  Entering the dog days, the scorching heat is coming, and the typhoon season is here again.

  A dark cloud, a thunderstorm,

  Then it rained heavily,

  Recently, such scenes are being staged in many places in Guangdong.

  The rain in the past few days seems to remind everyone

  Guangdong has really entered the typhoon season,

  At the same time, the curtain of heavy precipitation was opened.

  The Municipal Meteorological Observatory reminded that there is frequent rainfall during the typhoon season.

  Citizens should pay attention to defense against the accompanying thunder and lightning,

  Short-term gale etc.

  Disasters caused by severe convective weather.

  Although the air becomes refreshed under the washing of rain,

  It also protects people from the heat,

  But this constant rain,

  It's really annoying.

  What do you hate most when it rains?

  In addition to the trouble of having to go out with an umbrella and wear a raincoat,

  Unworkable clothes, damp pants,

  Is always unpleasant,

  At this moment,

  Is there a feeling that there are not enough clothes hangers?

  As a family must-have,

  There are many choices of clothes hangers,

  The most popular is mainly lightweight and corrosion-resistant acrylic


Acrylic hanger


  And natural and warm wooden hangers


Coat hanger


  The hanger should be cut accurately, with smooth edges and no burrs.

  Need the cooperation of a good machine,

  Minte’s high-precision screw laser cutting machine,

  It can help you achieve it easily and simply!

  Equipment recommendation:

  Mingte high-precision screw laser cutting machine

  Model: MC-1250

  Laser tube: 150W

  Drive mode: Servo motor

  Transmission mode: ball screw

  Working range: 1250mm*900mm

  Machine features: all-steel machine bed, precision screw drive, imported servo drive, unique light path design

  Machine function: cutting, engraving

  Applicable materials: acrylic, wood, leather, composite materials and other non-metallic materials;

  Applicable industries: advertising production, exhibitions, woodworking furniture, clothing and footwear, craft gifts, etc.

  Machine advantages: stable structure, high cutting precision, good quality, fast speed, stable light path, high cost performance


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