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Midsummer night’s dream, we will guard it

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【Case summary】Acrylic creative night light, light up your every night

  Acrylic creative night light, light up your every night


Acrylic night light


  When night falls,

  The lights are on,

  Does it also evoke those good memories.

  Whenever you get dark at night,

  Have you ever thought of adding a night light to your home?

  Not as dazzling as ordinary incandescent lamps,

  The warm light makes people feel at ease in the dark night.

  A piece of acrylic board can also make a healing night light


Acrylic night light


  With a small night light, midsummer night’s dreams are sweeter

  Let us guard your night

  Don't like prosperous things

  Warm companionship at night,

  Because it’s really beautiful, it’s automatically projected,

  A particularly pleasing gift


Acrylic night light


  Small and exquisite

  Open the lampshade

  Create some for her beloved

  Romantic atmosphere

  Soft lighting,


  Gentle and not glaring,

  It's sweet and soft girl

  A must-have for the bedroom, gentle and not dazzling, but sweet

  Soft lighting

  Let the room suffocate

  The warmth of the night

  Soft night,

  The guarded dream,

  Acrylic creative night light,

  It is worth being owned by you!

  product description

  Mingte screw laser cutting machine MC-2500


laser cutter


  Performance characteristics: steel pipe welding structure, aluminum profile precision milling guide surface, servo drive, screw drive, high precision and high quality cutting

  Adapt to the board: acrylic, various plastic materials, electronic insulation materials, wood boards and other non-metallic boards

  Industry applications: Acrylic products, architectural decoration, craft gifts, electronic films, fabrics and leather materials, etc.

  For specific details, please call our service hotline: 138-2577-9334. Dongguan Mintech Electronics Co., Ltd. (brand: Mingte) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales. The main products are laser cutting machines, acrylic cutting machines and so on. Welcome to consult.