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  • We know that with the development of the times, people’s pursuit of cutting and carving craftsmanship is getting higher and higher. A good plate and a beautiful billboard carving can show the author’s subjective spirit and aesthetic ideals, bringing this kind of beauty to the sculpture. Into life and meet the public's pursuit of this, this is what the aluminum plate cutting machine can do. Through the secondary processing, the plate can play a greater role. Today we are going to understand what characteristics the aluminum plate cutting machine needs to have. Learn more
  • The aluminum plate engraving machine is a high-end CNC machine tool equipment, suitable for acrylic products, advertising production, architectural decoration, engineering plastics industries, etc., can be perfect for acrylic, wood, various plastic materials, electronic insulation materials, bakelite, aluminum, aluminum Plastic plates and other plates are engraved, so how to choose an aluminum plate engraving machine is a problem. Today we will teach you how to choose the right aluminum engraving machine . Learn more
  • Every time we always meet a lot of people asking whether the laser cutting machine can cut aluminum plate? Then we can tell you clearly that the laser cutting machine can cut aluminum plate, because a good laser cutting machine is also called aluminum plate. Cutting machine , aluminum plate cutting machine can cut aluminum plate, which means that it can cut most plates, so why does aluminum plate cutting machine have such a large force? Today, follow us to see what are the excellent characteristics of aluminum plate cutting machine. Learn more
  • The price is not our bottom line, the quality indeed. ("The price is not our bottom line, the quality is!") The sales manager Ma of Minte wrote this sentence on WhatsAPP with a North American customer who has known each other for more than a year After the "Minte Spirit", the customer placed an order in seconds! Two MC1250-150W laser cutting machines and three MC2500-300W laser machines ! This order quantity and speed are so refreshing, from the customer’s letter in the morning to the afternoon. PI officially placed a deposit. It took less than a day. What is the reason for this North American customer with "China Connect" to "make a big deal" without hesitation? Learn more
  • Prospects for marine aluminum plates With the development of lightweight transportation, aluminum plates are increasingly used in transportation vehicles such as yachts, ships, RVs, and functional transportation vehicles. The processing and use of aluminum plates in these industries is increasing rapidly, and the prospects are great! Common marine aluminum plates Commonly used marine aluminum plates are 5052 aluminum plates, 5083 aluminum plates, and 5086 aluminum plates. The state is mainly h111, h112, and h321. The thickness of marine aluminum plates is determined by the hull structure, ship specifications and use parts, etc. The commonly used plates are There are thin plates over 1.6mm and thick plates over 30mm. Learn more